Thomas‘ parents basically fell in love because of tequila at Tomas Estes‘ former Amsterdam restaurant: Café Pacifico. You could say Thomas is a tequila love child. The love is still there, Thomas devoted his (bartending) life to the agave spirit and passed his passion for the agave plant to Oscar.

Oscar loves rum, especially Caribbean rum. During his hospitality internship at the Island of Martinique, Oscar got a taste of the Caribbean good life with a lot of new experiences. He learned the importance of the spirit for the people of Martinique and how proud they are of their beautiful agricole product.

Both Thomas and Oscar started working as bartenders for the Fabulous Shaker Boys in 2010. That is also where they got to know each other. In the following years they became good friends. Being the ambassadors of Tomas Estes’ Ocho tequila together was a lot of fun and a great honor. During this years they got to know the qualities and talents of one another, which are very different from each other. Like tequila & rum….

They talked about owning a bar together for many years, but after their trip to Cuba with “los aficionados” there was no more doubt. The sooner the better!

Thomas and Oscar have years of experience in the bar-scene. They worked in a lot of different venues like the boutique bar Vesper Bar in the Jordaan area, the (now closed) hip club Chapter 21 and big international hotels in for example Vietnam and Australia. Because of this experience they both know exactly what they wanted for Calle Ocho: a warm, fun and buzzy ambience with some “gekkigheid”. A place where you can take your tinder-date, grandmother or your volleyball team.


Calle Ocho is named after the Little Havana main street in Miami. Little Havana is multicultural Miami at it’s best. Besides all the Cuban immigrants, there are a lot of immigrants from Central and South America as well. Imagine the ever-present aroma of Cuban coffee and cigars, salsa music and the best mix of different cuisines. From Cuban to Mexican and from Carribean to Tex-Mex.

Calle Ocho Amsterdam is all of that in a nutshell, or actually a cozy bar in the Pijp area. Our chefs translated this to a small menu which changes regularly. The chefs make the best fresh salsa’s from scratch and think of the most tasteful combinations, like authentic Cuban ropa vieja, a Mexican smokey tinga chicken taco and the most flavorful ceviches. Every dish is homemade and prepared with a lot of amor!


The heart of the bar, besides the food, are of course tequila and rum. Thomas and Oscar selected the finest tequila, rum and other quality spirits. The cocktails are made with fresh ingredients and quality spirits and based on the different cultures Miami has to offer and there’s something for everyone.

For example the Pornstar Margarita for the chica’s or the Malle Babbe which contains the Dutch Jopen beer. The Escobar cocktail is already a myth by now, or the classic combination: a cold Dos Equis with a chupito of Ocho tequila. Besides these great drinks they have a special “slush” machine to make the best and the first Frozen Margaritas of Amsterdam. Don’t worry, you can have just a beer or a glass of wine too.


We have created several arrangements to make sure there is some for all! Currently we have the following arrangements:

Group menu
• Tequila & Mescal Tasting
• Rum Tasting

You can call us at + 31 20 261 79 63 or make your reservation online. Please mention that you would like the group menu.

Group menu

For groups 6 people or more we have created several special shared dining menus! To make sure you have an evening without any hiccups and lots of tequila we tailor-made these menus to fit all your needs!

Please click here to see our special shared dining menus: Tequila!

Tequila & Mescal Tastings (SOON!)

Hola señores! At Calle Ocho we have a saying that goes like this: !No Ocho no Fiesta! In this case Ocho is our brand of Tequila. Everyone knows tequila, but how well do you know tequila? Just like a chupito when you are parting with your friends? Come to Calle Ocho and learn about the mysteries of tequila and how to drink it! Did you know Tequila has a brother? This brother will wipe the floor with you! Yes, this brother is Mescal. So of course, there is a possibility to have tequila tasting and Mescal tasting or have the two brothers side by side in a Tequila VS. Mescal tasting. Our bartenders will guide you through the journey of Tequila or Mescal.

Please click here to see our different Tequila & Mescal tastings: 1.. 2.. 3.. FLOOR!

Rum Tastings (SOON!)

Tequila is not the only one worth a spot in Calle Ocho. If you feel like a pirate sometimes this Rum tasting will make you a captain! After this tasting the different rums you will only see with one eye and walk on one leg, but of course you will gain knowledge of what our favourite Captain Jack Sparrow drinks.

Please click here to see our different Rum tastings: Arrrr….



Calle Ocho
Albert Cuypstraat 226
1073BN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone Number
+ 31 20 261 79 63

Opening Times
Sunday – Thursday: 18:00 – 03:00 (Kitchen closes at 23:00)
Friday & Saturday: 18:00 – 04:00 (Kitchen closes at 00:00)

After the kitchen closing time Calle Ocho still serves bar bites from their limited menu till 03:00 during weekdays and till 04:00 on the weekends.

Calle Ocho does not take reservations. Everyone is welcome at any time. However, for those special occasions when you have group of at least 6 amigos, we do accept a few group reservations per evening for both dinner and drinks. For more information use the following reservation form by pressing here or give us a call: + 31 20 261 79 63.  If you would like to receive more information or come in contact with us please send an email to: info[at]calle-ocho.nl
We’ll get back at you asap!



Calle Ocho focuses on excellent service and high quality food and beverages. The Calle Ocho culture reflects the passion for cocktails and delicious food and most importantly tequila! We aim to translate our culture to our guests by creating a relaxed and fun ambiance.

Fun and experienced colleagues are just one benefit of joining our team. We are also involved with our employees as we offer growth and development opportunities in terms of hospitality trainings.

Are we looking for you?

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